Above a few images from a magazine I (and the ‘cool’ part of my class haha) made for school. The name: Crossroad. I really love the article about Jim Mooijekind aka Jimba, which I wrote about earlier. Also I like the Winter Festival Top 5, but I’m not sure if it’s the article/artwork or the lovely photo. Damn spring, where the f**k you at?

We won a prize for best artwork and that’s pretty awesome for me, the art-director.

It’s spring. Oh, well… Not really. It’s 2 degrees outside and snow is falling from the sky. What the f**k world?

But here’s the solution: stay inside, grab a big blanket and listen to the Eclectro mix by Inofaith. If you’re not familiar with Inofaith, go check his Dawn is Late EP. And my all-time Inofaith favorite (yes, boobs).

I love the Boiler Room concept. Some chill place, great music and relax people. Below a small vid of Boiler Room and how they see Boiler Room in the future. Pretty interesting.

Oh and my favorite artist ever in the Boiler Room? What about that epic night with Modeselektor? Or this set in Amsterdam from Dixon & Âme? But my favorite of all? Apparat, definitely. 

Last friday me and my band Baptist played a gig at the local concerthall Patronaat. It was the semi-final of a music competition named Rob Acda Award. We won this round, so we’ll perform at the final on April 5th. Awesome!

We make electronic music, mixed with live instruments like drums, sax (thanks Lucas!) and guitar. And it’s not one particular style: it’s kinda ambient, beatmusic with dubstep influences… Or something… I don’t know, just listen haha.

Above you can see the compilation of our show. It was filmed by 2 GoPro’s and many, many iPhones. Visuals are from the guys of 14K Visuals. Hope you’ll like it.

Thanks Synergique for editing. 

Well. Maybe this is my favorite photo set of all time. I love the pictures of the old days combining with the same pictures when they’re older.

Lemme find a picture of myself where I can do this to. 

(Bron: jonyorkblog)

Don’t worry, it’s not #throwbackthursday yet. But above is a picture of the new King of the Netherlands. Although I don’t give a real shit about a monarchy or not, I think it’s a badass picture. 

What if superheroes fought out wars for us? Well, then it’ll look like this.

I think the world needs a hero in times like these with all the economic bullcrap. So mr. Superman, where you at?
Pretty cool images by Agan Harahap.

(Bron: 2photo.ru)

Jim Mooijekind - aka Jimba - is a graphic designer and illustrator from my hometown Haarlem. I had an interview with him, which I’ll publish later. He makes really cool graphics, like paintings, but also on shoes, trousers and walls. And as you can see above, also on this naked woman. 

He got inspired by the rock ‘n roll culture and by movies like Star Wars. 'I think we're already living in the future'. He’s also part of a new record label, named Substain Records.

Check out his website, and my personal favorite: Masks in Barcelona.

Best wishes to y’all! 

Finally got my iPhone 5! Of course all black errything haha. Damn, it’s a true beauty!